About Us

PV Strategies is an actively managed, multi-strategy hedge fund that seeks long-term capital appreciation and income while limiting the risks of market exposure through active hedging. We manage funds for family offices and high net worth individuals from our offices in Colorado Springs, Colorado. To learn more about our team click here.

Investment Approach

We do not proclaim to know the future direction of the markets or price of any given security, but we structure our portfolio so that we don't have to. Our strategies are designed to build long-term capital appreciation through any type of market condition. We seek to generate a return for our investors while maintaining a substantial amount of liquidity that covers our options positions and provides the flexibility to increase exposure when risk/reward appears most favorable.

PV Strategies invests globally, primarily in liquid, exchange-traded securities, including long and short equities, options, Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs), bonds, and currencies.

Some of our core investment strategies include:

  • Building positions in under-valued or out of favor equities with substantial underlying fundamental value
  • Selling options to generate income while seeking attractive entry/exit points for equities
  • Structuring long/short equity pairs
  • Building positions in foreign currency-denominated equities to take advantage of favorable exchange rate movements
  • Using options and short positions to hedge risk

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